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Homes, Health, Wages


The 'recovery' is a bonanza for Denis O'Brien and his ilk, while we are told to wait for a house, a decent health service and a living wage. Their 'recovery' is built on low wages and diminished rights for us. We need to demand a real recovery, and a decent future for all.
Demand a Real Recovery

Irish Water on the Ropes


Cian and the AAA helped build the boycott of the water charges, organising a 10,000 strong protest in Limerick, and meetings in every community. Now we have the chance to deliver the knock out blow to water charges in the General Election.
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After Labour's Betrayal


Labour refused to stand up to the rule of the super-rich 1%, and now are just another part of the system of oppression and inequality. We need real change this time. The AAA is not a party like the others, we are a new movement of workers and young people. We refuse to play by the rules of the 1%, or go into coalition with the austerity parties. For that they try to lock up our TDs and activists - but we won't be silenced.
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What Cian stands for


Cian has been a fighter against inequality and austerity in Limerick for over ten years. Since being elected as a Councillor in 2014 Cian has been a the whistleblower against cutbacks and the junket culture on Limerick Council. He has earned both the fear and loathing of the political establishment and the respect and endorsements of campaigners and community activists across Limerick. Now he is standing for the Dail, to bring real change to Limerick.
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  • Upcoming events

    Catalonia in Revolt

    When: Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 07:00 PM
    Where: Horse & Hound in Limerick, Ireland

    The brutal repression of the recent independence referendum in Catalonia shocked and outraged people the world over. It was met with a huge general strike, and protests in Catalonia, and solidarity actions in the Spanish state and across the globe.

    This meeting will discuss latest events, the radicalisation and shift to the left taking place in Catalonia and lessons for us here in Ireland.