Door Knocking With Joe Higgins


 On Wednesday Joe Higgins is down in Limerick to join us door knocking in one of our strongest areas: Thomondgate. We are meeting at 6pm Opposite Thomondgate Topaz (by the Pain Supply shop). We want a big crew out with Joe and Cian, to have a real impact and cover the whole area. New people will be teamed up with an experienced activist to learn the ropes. We will be meeting at 5:30pm at City Hall for anyone new who wants a run-through of the basics of door-knocking, or just needs a lift out.

Alternatively, if the evening doesn't suit a team will also be heading out in the day time, meeting at 3pm at City Hall.

The government have dismembered our health and education services, and taken an axe to our living standards. Now they offer us a sticking plaster to cover the wounds and expect our gratitude. Rent & insurance inflation will wipe out the €5 or €10 a week budget 'bribes'. The real ‘giveaway’ in this budget was the halving of corporation tax for some of the biggest companies. >> Read our full statement on the budget here >>.

These pathetic budget bribes signal the start of the General Election campaign. Labour in particular are desperately trying to save their seats, having broken all their 2011 promises to stop austerity. We won't be fooled this time. At a major rally last Monday the AAA launched Cian Prendiville's election campaign, and we have our first major activities over the next few days - please join in.

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