Rent & Housing Crisis: We Can't Afford to Wait

Rents are going through the roof, as the housing waiting list gets longer and longer. Despite a lot of hot air, the Government still refuse to take real action on housing. They have built less social houses than any govern ment for 45 years.

The Government have allowed the market to hold back the supply of homes and push up the prices. While over 5,000 families are on the housing list in Limerick, so far this year only 10 social houses have been built.

This has given landlords a golden opportunity to drive up rents, while the government refuse to implement rent controls. With one quarter of the TDs in the Dail landlords themselves, is it any wonder!

Campaign for the Right to a Home

The root of the problem is relying on private profiteers to satisfy people's housing needs. Instead, the Anti Austerity Alliance want to build a movement to demand the right of everyone to a decent home.

As individuals, those suffering from the housing crisis are being ignored. But as the water charges movement shows if we stand together, we can force the government to take notice.

The AAA have helped coordinate protests and occupations of vacant and NAMA properties, to demand real action.

Sign the Petition: Demand Action Now

  1. No to economic evictions. Anyone threatened with homelessness by landlords or banks should refuse to move. Active community support can stop evictions.

  2. Introduce rent controls now and reverse the cuts to rent allowance

  3. Fund the councils to take over and refit the 45,000 vacant homes in suitable locations which the CSO have identified

  4. Build the 100,000 houses needed to clear the waiting lists. The AAA's budget submission outlines how this could be done by 2018 for €10bn.

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